Delivery Process

Order Process

All orders placed Mon through Thurs by 6 pm will be delivered the same week on Sun and the following week on Wed. Orders placed after 6 pm on Thurs through Sun will be delivered next week on Sun and the following week on Wed. You have the option to purchase one week supply at a time or subscribe and have your meals automatically delivered every week.

Delivery Process

Meals are delivered twice a week between 5:00pm-9:00pm on Sunday and Wednesday evening.
Meals for MONDAY – WEDNESDAY are delivered on Sunday evening.
Meals for THURSDAY –SATURDAY are delivered on Wednesday evening.
We advise you to arrange for someone to be available to receive your meals upon delivery.

Post-Delivery Process

Step 1. After your meals are delivered please ensure they are placed directly in the refrigerator. Meals are recommended to be consumed before the next delivery round (3 days).

Step 2. Heat your meals in the microwave. You can heat your meals in the container provided if you wish. However, if you choose to use a toaster oven or a regular oven please transfer your meal to an oven safe dish, pan or container. 

Step 3: Eat well and achieve your goals. Depending on how many meals you have ordered, you may still need to prepare some of your own healthy snacks or protein shakes. Preparation is key to success.

You do not need to return the containers back to us. They are recyclable, please put clean containers in the recycle bin.


Contact for more information.

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Healthy Meal Planner

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